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This site is not affiliated with any recovery center or program. We are self-supporting through donated contributions. The site costs approximately $1,000/year to develop and maintain. Please contribute if you can, if not, we hope you find it useful. To find out more, click on other tabs.
A few individuals in recovery in Chicago saw a need to create a public recovery community calendar that isn’t affiliated with any particular 12-step program, group, or ideology. We saw that there is no one right way to recover for everyone and that people who are sober or recovering from other addictive behaviors sometimes attend multiple groups so we wanted one place where a person could find all of that in one place. We also saw that there are lots of fun parties, conferences, workshops, retreats, and events happening in Chicago and around the city that are difficult to find and to publicize. We wanted to create a safe public virtual space for community members to submit and post these happenings on a community calendar without the usual “siloing” that occurs when one recovery program or community doesn’t interact with another or the need for “special approval” to post events on an official organization’s web page.
Events and resources are received by community members and volunteers and curated by administrators who approve them for publication on this site. We reserve the right to deny publication of any particular article, resource, or event at our discretion, although we hope that occasion will be rare. We realize that sometimes events are meant for a particular community or program and sometimes they are open to all. We will attempt to do our best to honor that when events are submitted to us. We also will do our best to check submissions for omitted details but ensuring accuracy is the primary responsibility of the person submitting the event,article, or resource. Please let us know if something you submitted needs to be changed. Whether you decide to submit an event or resource to us is entirely up to you. We do not claim responsibility for quality assurance only dissemination of information. Whether you decide to attend any kind of event is entirely up to you.


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